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Nicky Clinch

Nicky is a Transformational Life Coach and Macrobiotic Counsellor, specialising in empowering people in their lives and their health. Her philosophy is to invite people to have a deeper relationship with themselves throughout their lives, learning to nourish all aspects of body and soul. A longtime collaborator and our first chef, Nicky helped lay the foundations for our Natural kitchen.
How did your journey into Macrobiotics and counselling begin?
Well I kind of just fell into it but at the same time, looking back, it’s clear it is what I was always meant to do. I had been on my own journey of recovery and transformation for 9 years when my stepfather very suddenly died unexpectedly. His death was so out of the blue and unexpected the whole experience sort of shocked me ‘awake’. The fact that our lives can end at any moment and there really are no guarantees to when and where. I came back from his funeral and it was clear that I had to start doing something with my life that really meant something to me and to make the most of every moment of it. I knew I loved plant-based cooking, I knew I loved transformational healing and I just googled those things and found the school I ended up going to. I rang them and asked them to interview me. The headmaster told me the new first years was already full and had already begun one module. I insisted he interviewed me and said if it was meant to be something would happen for me to be able to be there. A week later he called me laughing saying two people had dropped out! I went down for the second module and have never looked back. I always thank my stepfather for gifting me with this enormous blessing. His death was my biggest gift.
How have you managed to transition a philosophy, a ‘way of life’ into a successful business?
Well we are all in quite an incredible time to be alive – where it seems that more and more people are able to turn soul and heart callings into flourishing businesses. For me, this was always meant to be my work. I think doing work because it is a heart calling is so deeply powerful. So much more powerful then doing it just because your mind or someone else thinks it’s a good idea. I just try to keep following my heart, listening to my intuition and to life and to just keep taking risks. A teacher once told me that it’s important to ‘Start before you are ready” if we wait until we feel ready, we may never take action - with teaching, counselling, all of it. Now, I tend to try something out just because I feel a deep calling too – if it works then great, if it doesn’t then it’s more to learn from. I believe that if you follow your hearts callings, your life tends to flow in a certain way. We become ‘in the flow’ and meet people we are meant to meet, opportunities present themselves, and things just ‘flow’. That’s how I met you Natasha, and how so many incredibly opportunities have presented themselves to me in my work. Of course on top of all of this, it takes an enormous amount of work, commitment and dedication. Businesses, as you know, don’t just flourish out of no-where!

What have been your greatest hurdles?

Essentially I am a counsellor and a chef. I never had any idea what it meant to be an entrepreneur and businesswoman. Learning this side of things has been a huge learning curve for me. Accounts, planning, managing and leading my team. I am just a big ball of creativity so these things do not come naturally for me. The same goes with social media. But this is where I have learnt so much and continue to learn on the job. I must admit, watching myself get better at it is very empowering!

And your greatest triumphs?

I get so many in my work. I mean I work with changing people’s lives so I always feel incredibly lucky. I find my work deeply fulfilling. Watching somebody literally transform before my very eyes, coming out of their shell or stuckness and beginning to flourish. There is nothing that beats this. At the end of a 6-week course, seeing how much each student has transformed over that period of time. It’s incredible. I must admit too, that I have moments now when I look up at all my team in the office at once and I see there are now 4 of us – I feel an enormous sense of pride and gratitude.

What are your 5 most used ingredients? Organic Sesame Oil, Good Quality Sea Salt, Miso, Brown Rice Syrup and any type of seasonal greens.

What are your 5 most used words? Trust, feel, empower, nourish, love.

With a fast growing business and a young family, how do you find balance?

Ha ha! This is an ever changing lesson! The goal posts just keep changing! Just when I think I’ve got a handle on things, it changes again. The business keeps growing, my daughter keeps growing and changing and my needs keep changing. As always, I believe the most powerful tool is to live with a constant inner dialogue with myself. Regularly checking in with how I’m doing and what I may need or feel. This will always be my guideline. But essentially there are always the same simple tools I go back to each time to bring me back to balance. Cooking something (usually quite simple), bodywork or moving my body, journaling, meditation, sharing and connecting with a friend or trusted person.

On a more superficial note…how do you take care of yourself from the outside? Do you have a beauty routine? What are your favourite beauty brands?

I’m afraid to say I am very low maintenance. I have never worn much make up or used many products. I love Neal’s yard and have many of their products which I use for pampering. But my beauty routine is pretty simple and boring – I use a Ren Exfoliating Face Wash, Jason’s Cocoa Body Butter ( I am obsessed with anything cocoa butter), Ren daily facial moisturizer and Charlotte Tillbury Mascara. That’s it I’m afraid.

Are you a tea or a coffee person….? (answer carefully…). Do you have a daily tea routine or ritual? What are your favourite tea based drinks, do you have a favourite tea-drinking vessel and lastly how does drinking tea make you feel?

I am definitely a tea person. Coffee makes me bonkers! I definitely have a tea routine. I am so particular about how I like my tea that even my husband isn’t allowed to make it for me because it just isn’t as good as how I do it!! I’m so controlling.

Without a doubt most days I will have an English Breakfast with Bonsoy and Brown Rice Syrup. Then in the afternoon I love a kukicha or genmaicha which are my two other favourites.

Drinking tea gives me a sense of calm and soothing. Energetically if you feel what roasted coffee beans feel like – very dry, hard and roasted with a lot of heat vs. the soft energy of tealeaves – this sums it up for me.
Tea brings me fluidity and is so warming.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

There are so many exciting things going on but mostly I am so excited to be launching my brand new series of workshops ' Being in heart', about Transitioning from Head to Heart.
I realized recently that one thing I keep consistently finding myself doing with my clients and students is helping them become re-aligned with their hearts. Which then leads them to follow their hearts, start doing what they have always wanted to do in their lives and this affects how they eat, how they feel and how they live. When we are aligned with our heart everything slots back into balance and energy can really flow.
So launching these workshops is something I am really excited about.

Nicky will be launching the first of a series of workshops on Tuesday the 23rd of May at Tiosk Broadway Mkt, click here for more information and tickets.


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