Once upon a time...

There were two strong, independent women, who worked for two world dominating fashion brands. One day they woke up and wondered why they were dedicating their life energy, drive, focus and loyalty to businesses that were not their own. Lets just say they woke up and smelt the… tea!

Between them they had 8 children! (I am guessing they were drinking more than tea at least 4 times each at some point in the past). They also had 50 years of retail experience and consumer insight (that’s 25 years each – they are not that old!) and so it was not long before a beautiful idea was born.

What… they asked themselves, do most people want everyday? What transcends culture, status, gender and age? What could add community spirit and warmth to our local high streets? Well the answer was easy really. Tea! Not a shabby old tea bag. Premium whole leaf tea.

Tea 21st century style, brought to you by TIOSK!

Our promise to you

We promise to bring you the finest quality teas, served to you by staff who are gracious, kind, informative, honest & a little bit funny. We understand that great product is not enough. Great service, a clean and efficiently run environment are just as important.

We also understand that we have a responsibility not only to our local community, but also the wider community that work with us and our suppliers.

So we will always try to better the welfare of the people that make it possible for us to provide you with this beautiful tea – to that end all of our tea is sourced from tea merchants who are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

We will also endeavour to minimise our environmental footprint with a focus on recyclability and biodegradability.


Our tea

Premium quality whole leaf teas, harvested from the finest plantations all over the world. Take it away, drink it in-store, take it home or gift it – simple really.

What’s your type? Robust Assam, delicate Darjeeling, fragrant Earl Grey or refreshing Ceylon? A cleansing Green, a pure White tea? An Oolong? A Pouchong? Or is Puerh more your thing? (I can feel a bit of a rhyme coming on).  Perhaps you prefer your tea flowering or scented – Jasmine, Rose or Osmanthis accented? Skip caffeine with Rooibos, Honeybush or Chai mix? There is something for everyone including the kids! If herbal is more your cup of tea, let me tell you, you can expect more than the usual 3!

Steaming hot or poured over ice, with a touch of lemon, ginger or spice. Sweeten with the product of your choice, sugar, stevia or honey won’t cost extra money (unless it’s Manuka…of course!).

*NEW Chai chilli (dairy free) hot chocolate. Addictive!

So come in and try something healthy and nutritious. How on earth did it take so long to find drinks this delicious?! If we don’t have something your taste buds desire, don’t be shy about telling us what it is you require. We will do our best to source the items you request, so that next time you visit us you will be well impressed.

At TIOSK, you will also discover a selection of natural, seasonal, health inspired foods brought to us by the talented Natural foods chef – Nicky Clinch. The winter menu is all about Soups, Stews and wholesome grain salads.

It’s all about choice at TIOSK, so you will also find delsicious cakes – some gluten free, others dairy free and others …well…nothing free. Toasted open sandwiches such as smoked Salmon & Dill with Wasabi mayonnaise (or dairy free Mayo) are also on the daily menu.

Stay healthy and happy, discover tea with TIOSK.

map_marker  33 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday  8.30am to 5.30pm

Sunday 10.30am to 5.30pm.



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